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Our Story

I’m Gill and have a passion for growing flowers. Together with my husband, Paul, we grow truly seasonal flowers at our half acre plot just outside the Cotswold town of Winchcombe.

Our flowers grow slowly, without any artificial light or heat and we do not use pesticides or herbicides. They are cut straight from the field to you, so zero air miles and a very low carbon footprint.

We care about the environment. We look after the soil by adding organic matter and do very little digging. All our seeds are sown and grown on in peat free compost. We are bee and wildlife friendly – Paul keeps bees and we have been successful in encouraging hedgehogs, lizards, grass snakes and other wildlife to our plot, by providing wilder areas and safe habitats. We rely and encourage natural predators to take care of the pests.

Our flowers are available from April to October and will change from week to week, it just depends what is ready to pick in the field.  We start the beginning of April with scented narcissi and tulips, and through the months we’ll have flowers such as sweet rocket, foxgloves, cornflowers, snapdragons, sweet peas, larkspur, rudbeckia, sunflowers and dahlias, to name a few. We believe flowers should be full of life and scent and love to use scented herbs and foliage in our bunches and bouquets.

On occasions we may source British grown flowers from other local flower farmers. We never use imported flowers. All our flowers are picked to order, so minimising waste. Any surplus flowers in the field are picked and dried naturally to be used at a later date. Any plant waste is composted on site and added back to the soil.

We only use simple wrapping and packaging which is all recyclable or re-useable. We take care to limit our use of single use plastics in the growing process and endeavour only to use plastics that can be reused many times and can be recycled when finished with.

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